Monday, February 14, 2005

Yacht Captain Sails To Victory

ST is happy to report that justice has prevailed in the case of The Captain v. His Former Boss. The Massachussetts judge handling the appeal has issued her ruling. She states (and I basically quote), "You can't ask a man to be on duty when he is off duty." EXACTLY!

Look - it was the greatest hearing in history. The employer's representative was clueless. I felt bad for him. I felt like I was waging a war of wits against an unarmed man. But I was relentless. Y'all know how I can be. This sh*t was personal!

When asked why the Captain was discharged, the employer's representative said: "He injured his arm and then the new guy ran the yacht aground." Yep - that's what he said.

The judge was astounded. Speechless. I was giving my client the thumbs up.

To make a long story short (if it's not already too late), the judge echoed everything we've been saying for the past 7 months: sometimes rich people need a kick in the ass.

Anyway, the Captain won. The Captain is cashing his checks right now.

[Insert "We are the champions" by Queen here].

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