Monday, August 28, 2006

Doggie Driving School

In other news, a Chinese woman recently crashed her car into oncoming traffic while giving her dog a driving lesson. ....

When reached for comment, the dog would only say, "That's what I get for taking driving lessons from a woman."

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sassy Travels .....

... and y'all know the rest. Yes - Sassy and The Cap'n are heading out on a much-needed holiday. I know we've been kind of "semi-silent" this summer but sometimes Sassy actually has to work to finance her preferred lifestyle [Ed. Note: By "preferred lifestyle" we think she means sitting on her ass, drinking vodka, watching Big Brother All Stars on the live 24/7 feed. But, then again, we could be wrong.] In any event, Sassy promises to be back soon [promises, promises] and meanwhile, will try to mobile blog on the trip(s). [Yes, she's got another trip planned right after this one but thinks we don't know. Sassy is really skating on thin ice with us in the Sassy Travels administrative offices. Indeed, we are contemplating legal action because she's in violation of the terms of her contract, especially the morals clause. We'll deal with her when she gets back, don't worry!]

Soooo, that editorial rant happened! Anyhoozle ... here's a homework assignment to entertain you while we're gone:
Question: Will the revelation that Lance Bass is gay boost the psychiatry industry? Sub-question: Is this revelation really a surprise to anyone? (I'm just saying ....)

Discuss amongst yourselves and get back to me. (Sorry, Jazzy, but you knew it was coming at some point!)

Alright, loyal reader(s), Sassy has to pack. Our destination? It's a secret. But if you're smart, you've figured it out already....

Smilin' Sassy

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