Saturday, February 05, 2005

Saturday Morning Happy Hour

So it's Saturday morning and we're out of Malibu. No Bajan mimosas for me this morning. That's ok, though. Mount Gay tastes pretty good with orange juice, too! Sam is snoozing on the sofa (he kinda takes advantage of me when Ben is out of the house) and Playdough is alternating between catnapping in the kitchen and meowing at me about the fact that his food bowl is empty.

Anyway, with nothing to report, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish my boys luck! Go Eagles! (I shall deliberately keep my rantings to a minimum on this topic...I am very superstitious).

Alright. It's Happy Hour somewhere!

"I'm not snoozing...just relaxing." Posted by Hello

Ciao, for now!

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dang said...

Hi Sassy,
Thanks for the post in my blog. Yah, I'm very new here and still have tons to learn about it. Too bad you go for Eagles. I'm Patriots fan. :-) Well, I hope to see a good game this Monday. It's Sunday night there but Monday morning in Thailand. Have a nice day!