Friday, June 10, 2005

A Post From The Reebster

As loyal readers, y'all know that the Reebster used to work with Sassy and Jazzy, back in the day. In fact, the Reebster was present at the conception (and birth) of J-Jive. Anyhoo, today she sent me an e-mail suggesting, as many of you do, a topic for Sassy Travels. When we get those types of e-mails from our loyal readers, one of the following things occurs:

1. Sassy accidentally deletes the e-mail [those 10:30 a.m. cocktails sneak up on you];
2. Sassy writes a post about the topic [and usually remembers to thank the contributing reporter];
3. Sassy makes an executive decision to avoid the topic [and by "executive" we mean "drunken"]; or
4. Sassy decides that, in and of themselves, the individual's comments are worthy of posting on the blog without any further ado [see, e.g., this post from Jazzy].

Today, the Reebster's e-mail falls into category number 4. As such, and without the afore-mentioned further ado, I give you:

The Reebster's Post

....I don't know if you still get the ABA report every Friday, but it had a story today called "Rx for Controversy" about how states are debating legislation to allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense prescriptions for drugs that they object to based on conscience, such as birth control and the morning after pill. Isn't that outrageous? It's humiliating enough to hand over an empty pack of birth control pills for a refill, it can only be more humiliating for the pharmacist to say, no I'm not going to fill that because I think you're a sinful whore.

Say two Hail Marys and call me in the morning."

Wonder what other drugs pharmacists would object to based on conscience. Viagra? (Hardly... No pun intended). Anti-depressants? (You need to turn to God instead of drugs). Dermatological products? (God doesn't love the vain). Penicillin? (God will heal you if it is his will). Remind me again, what century do we live in?

Sassy Travels responds: Reebster - you are hysterical! That's good shit! By the way, if the liquor store clerk is ever given that kind of discretion, I'm gonna riot!


Anonymous said...

Gee, I dunno, maybe a sermon would be preferable to the little smirk the pharmacist gives me when I refill my Viagra. -- Boz

Sassy said...

Ok seriously...I am totally rolling on the floor right now....snorting beer through my nose. Hahahahahahahhhaaaa!