Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rut Roh....

Pentagon Digs For Data On U.S. Students Older Than 16

Um....Can you say "draft"....?

Yo, Nizzle! Big brother is watching you!

Suspicious Sassy



Reebster said...

Can we say Big Brother?

Sassy said...

We can...and I did. :o)

Reebster said...

Yeah, I realized that after I sent my comment. Then I tried to make another comment, but it hasn't posted, probably because Big Brother didn't want it posted.

Anyhoo, I tried to say that we conspiracy theorists believe that BB has been keeping files on all us our whole lives. And I recently learned that to get press credentials to cover the man my mother refers to as "the great white father" one has to give a lot of personal information that I'm sure goes into a file (and next thing one knows his taxes are being audited). Next thing they'll ask for is a dna sample (and who knows where that sample will end up).