Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Sassy Travels Administrative Announcement

Well, I'm sad to say, the meerkats got away. I think Playdough had something to do with it because I overheard him mumbling something about him being the only true cat in the house.

Anyway, after tons of research and phone calls to special marketing experts, [and, yes, several Bloody Marys], we developed a new logo:

The new logo!

Naturally, this will be featured on all new merchandise (including t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and beer bongs) on sale at the Sassy Travels Gift Shop, which can be found next to the water fountain on the first floor.

Oh - and please notice the updated links posted in the right sidebar, especially "Blogs that link here", which is my personal "shout out" (or "thank you" for those of you who don't speak Ebonics) to the most loyal Sassy Travels readers, i.e. those who actually dare to put a link to our blog on theirs! These people rule! (And their blogs are definitely worth checking out!)

Anyway - we thank you for your patience during these modifications and look forward to seeing you again soon!

The Editors

P.S. If you find the meerkats (they come to "Dude" and "Dudette"), please let us know. There is a substantial reward* for their rescue. Thanks!

* NOTE: Said reward is in the form of a four-legged feline, believed to be responsible for the mysterious disappearance of Dude and Dudette.



Jen said...

Thank you sooo much for linking me to your blog, that was very cool of you. but i must say, you have me linked twice. Stargazing and The Blog About Nothing are one in the same. sorry for the confusion.

Thanks Again!

Sassy said...

Yeah - the double link is a Technorati issue. They read you as two separate blogs...

Anyway, you're welcome! And make sure you keep on coming back! Thanks for reading!