Friday, June 24, 2005

Musicians Strike A Chord Against Poverty

Live 8 Precedes G8 Summer Summit in Scotland

Dude! Live 8 is almost here! As you probably already know, the five (transatlantic) concerts will feature Seriously Sassy (i.e. kickass!) bands such as: Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5, The Cure, Keane, The Killers, Green Day, Pink Floyd (reunited!), Kaiser Chiefs, Linkin Park, Barenaked Ladies, Roxy Music, REM, and..oh yeah*...U2.

At noon on July 2, you can tune in to this event on MTV, VH1, XM satellite radio or AOL (live streaming broadcast). Click here for more info re: the broadcasts.

But more importantly, do something! [For example, our photo will be one of the hundreds of thousands lining the two-mile Long Walk To Justice].

Selfless Sassy

[By the way - for those of you who don't blog, let me tell you - it takes a LONGass time to create a post with this many embedded links....I'm frickin' exhausted...I know, I know - I'm not usually this socially conscious, activist, or altruistic. Must be that time of month....or the scotch.....]

*The rather sarcastic "oh yeah" preceding the announcement of U2's involvement in Live 8 was intended solely for the purpose of riling up Jazzy and Kif and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors of this blog.

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