Monday, June 13, 2005

Sassy Travels

Dear Loyal Readers:

Sassy and the Cap'n have to go to Puerto Rico today. Don't worry - I don't think the federales are onto us......yet.....But leaving the jurisdiction seems like the most prudent thing to do right now. [You see, baby, there was this struggle....and as a result of the struggle.....]

Actually, we're just going to live la vida loca for a week. I'm gonna replenish my intravenous Bacardi supply and the Captain wants to do some windsurfing. If I see anything blogworthy, I'll send you a mobile blog. [Other than that, you're on your own with the Sassy Travels archives for the week. I challenge you to read everything written in 2004....there will be a test when I get back].

By the way, as you can see from the [rather crappy] cell-cam photo in the post below, we went to Stomp! last night. It was awesome and I highly recommend it (even though one of the dancers informed me after the show that he was a Pistons fan....dickhead!). Ben was completely swept away. No way to explain it...just go see it. You'll laugh, you'll clap, you'll STOMP!

Anyway - I gotta go. My coffee needs Kahlua and the airport cab is on its way. Boricua here we come!


Senorita Sassy

P.S. Can you name the song referenced in paragraph one? (Not you, Kif. You know everything.)

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