Thursday, June 30, 2005

Politician Calls Constituents "Idiots"

Ok, clearly this dude is a dolt. Not only did he accidentally send the offending message to something like 300 voters, the retarded Republican posted it on a rival's website. Ass. [Oh wait...the ass is the symbol of Democrats, isn't it? Sorry....I get so confused.] Anyway, the cyber-challenged congressman quickly followed up his faux pas with another e-mail, apologizing for the first...and ratings for the Democrat's website have started to soar....

Ya know...sometimes you just have to wonder about politicians. Ok, not just sometimes....most of the time.

Cyber-Competent Sassy

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JazzyJ said...

"In fact, now I most closely resemble the type of poster I described."

No dude, you resembled it before. The post just outed you.

Sassy said...

Ahahahahahhaaaaaaa! I love it!