Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pot Providing Patron Pinched

[heavy, dejected sigh]....What is the world coming to?

Ungrateful Barrista Busts Benevolent Bud Tipper

A Starbucks employee got a dude arrested in Jacksonville, Florida this week...all because he left her a half-gram of pot as a tip.

Alright, alright...before I get all pissed off at the bitchy barrista, let's do some math: Considering you can't get a friggin' cup of regular coffee for less than half a week's salary at Starbucks...and 15% of that is...and the street value of a half-gram of regular skunk weed is.....and carry the 2.....Ok, ok, ok....maybe dude under-tipped.

So, I'm thinking of opening a coffee shop here at Sassy Travels. Our motto will be:

The Sassy Sambuca Cafe
No order too tall. No tip too small.

What d'ya think?

Sambuca Sassy

AND BY THE WAY: I say we boycott coffee shops that narc people out! I mean, what if I go to the drive thru and order a caramel machiatto? Do I have to worry that the barrista is gonna buzz the fuzz just because I smell a little [ok.....a lot] like scotch? It's time for the tippers and the tipsy to stand united! So let's start the protest first thing tomorrow! Not too early in the day though, ok?.....Oh, and...well, actually, Fridays are bad for me because it's all day two for one happy hour at Brownies.... [Yep, you're probably right, Sam. What with me and the doobie donor, this is gonna be the least organized protest in history......]

[Ok - that last little rant took a lot out of me....I need to go lay down now].

"Pot Latte" photo copyright © 2005, Sassy Travels

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