Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Question: X & Y = ?

Dude - I just bought the new Coldplay album...and here's my advice to you:

Go buy "Tourist" or "Vehicles & Animals" by Athlete....or "Final Straw" by Snow Patrol.

Now some of you out there are shocked, I know. It's because I have been a diehard, foaming-at-the-mouth Coldplay fan for so long, it seems highly unlikely that I would have such a lukewarm reaction to the band's latest release. But the truth is, Athlete and Snow Patrol have ruined me. Seriously. I'm spoiled. Because now I realize that Coldplay isn't really any better than at least half a dozen other bands out there....Sorry, guys....It's true.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying the album sucks. I'm saying - it's OK. A bit too formulaic for my taste. However, my fave songs: "Fix You" and "A Message" totally rock out. Other than those two ....big yawn. [The pre-released "Speed of Sound" is great....but I'm over it already]. All in all, it's good music. Not great music. Good music.

I read a Chris Martin interview recently wherein he admitted that they had ripped off a bunch of artists to create this album. My advice to Chris: Go rip off some different artists. [Oh - and maybe think about actually playing the piano again on the next album....It's part of your signature sound, for cripes' sake....]

So - for those of you keeping score at home:

Answer: X & Y = $9.99 I could have spent on the jukebox at Brownies.


Seriously Spoiled Sassy

P.S. When you get bored with your new Coldplay album, Sassy Travels also recommends the following awesome bands:

Kaiser Chiefs
and, of course,
West Indian Girl!

Oh - and one last thing - it's possible I am still cranky about the effing Heat game....so don't mind me.


uscu2 said...

I'm gonna have to disagree here.

A) Stereophonics suck. I saw them open for U2 some four years ago and have checked on them periodically since then. They also get a fair amount of play time on the European XM Channel. They're weak lyrically (It takes one tree to make a thousand matches, but it only takes one match to burn a thousand trees .... thanks guys that was genius). They're just a rip of everyone as well, and they do a poor job at it.

B) This album is ok ... the first time you listen to it. I challenge you to look me in the eye and say, "I LOVED A Rush of Blood to the Head the first time I heard it." It was boring, melancholy, and downright depressing. Probably because Chris Martin really hates himself and is so self deprecating. As you listen to is a 2nd and a 3rd time, it really grows on you.

C) Granted point B is not the mark of a good band that will become popular. But when did we as lovers of good music go with the flow.

D) Want good music? Go pick up the new album by either of the following:

1.) Mae - The Everglow is their new album and it's wicked awesome. It's kind of a Taking Back Sunday meets the Ataris with a hint of some other progressive rock / emo sound in there.

2.) Citizen Cope - The Clarence Greenwater Recordings. Excellent sound and some very chill songs that rock out to roll down the highway at 90 too ... not that I do that ... ever ...

There's my two cents. Go give the album a second try - and a third.

Sassy said...


I LOVED Rush of Blood to the Head the first time I heard it.

I LOVED Parachutes the first time I heard it.

Any other challenges?

Going to check out the music you suggested.

P.S. I wrote your column for you today.....

Sassy said...

Oh and one more thing....I've already listened to X&Y four times.....still not getting any better.....

uscu2 said...

Music is a funny thing. Two people can listen to the exact same album and feel so differently about it. I really like this album, it's such a thick sound. Lyrically it's kind of weak, but I've come to expect that from Coldplay. I mean, they clearly are no U2, and Bono is just straight poet.

I have not found a person other than you who enjoyed a Rush of Blood to the Head the first time they heard it. Sure people loved The Scientist and Clocks, maybe even Green Eyes. But did you truly enjoy songs like Warning Sign, In My Place, or Daylight? Probably not. Yeah that's right Sassy I just called you a liar.

Ok not really, just posing good questions. I couldn't really stand Rush first time I heard it. I think it made me want to drive my car off a cliff and never listen to music again.

You wrote a column for me? You mean the e-mail you sent? I may throw that in a mail bag, because I got another one from someone. It could be an actual mail bag instead of just one letter I might have two! Yippee!

A Big X&Y Fan

Josie in Chicago said...

Sassy I totally agree with you. I love coldplay too but this album did not get me like the other two and I absolutely loved A Rush Of Blood To The Head the first time I heard it. Maybe I'm biased because I have also been spoiled by the other great bands you mentioned. There are so many other really great bands out there is pretty weird that in the U.S coldplay gets all the props for being the big UK band. But I'm not a hater I love it all...

Sassy said...

My Chicago Posse only speaks the truth!