Thursday, June 02, 2005

I Could Be The Teacher....

So this morning, before my 10:30 a.m. vodka cocktail, I have to finish my online Continuing Legal Education ("CLE") seminars as part of my annual law license requirement. [Am I the only one that comes up short on stupid Enhanced Ethics credits every year?] Here's the problem: I think I missed the deadline. Yesterday, I asked my law school buddy, James, what she thought would happen.

James: Well, I had to pay a $100 fine when I missed the reporting deadline.

Sassy: I already paid a fine. This is the second deadline I missed.

James: Oh. [uncomfortable silence] Well, um, what seminar are you taking?

Sassy: [taking a sip of scotch] It's called "Procrastination - The Most Widely Resented Professional Shortcoming."

[a pause...followed by HYSTERICAL GALES OF LAUGHTER from both]

James: Seriously?!? That's too fricking funny!

Sassy: Yeah. I have to take another one too.

James: [still giggling a little bit] What's that one called?

Sassy: [sipping some more scotch] "Why Are Lawyers Prone To Alcoholism?"

James: [laughing out loud] Dude! You could be the freaking teacher of both those programs!

And she's right! Why do I have to pay $120 to some online seminar company for these courses? Seriously - I could have written the materials myself! Of course, I would have been half-cocked while I was writing and would probably miss the deadline for turning the stuff in....but still. It's like making Jazzy take a CLE course called "Gambling: Are Lawyers Doubling Down Too Much?"....

Oh well - I better get to it. After all, if I delay too long, I'll miss a real important deadline: Mid-Morning Happy Hour!

Sassy Seminar Student

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