Friday, March 04, 2005

Baseball's Back

MLB Spring Training Begins

Noooooooooooooooo! Can someone please help me orchestrate the cancellation of baseball season? I mean, we appear to be safe from the pucking posers, so how 'bout we skip the steroid-swilling sluggers too? Seriously. Is there even any point to it? It's not as if they have any credibility left anyway. (And frankly, I'm still hoping to get rid of that annoying tic I developed when I read about Canseco sticking a needle in McGwire's butt....)

All I have to say is - thank god for the NFL Network.

Just seeing the logo makes me happy.

I love Rich Eisen. And I LOVE the "Tomorrow" video...I watch it over and over. Yeah - it makes me feel better.....

Ciao for now,

Sassy Sportsfan


JazzyJ said...

Three cheers for Sassy. (Cheers J!)

Baseball is NOT, I repeat, NOT America's pastime. I would rather go to prison than watch baseball. I would rather watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre than watch baseball. No seriously, I would rather watch a movie about horses than baseball.

Can the sassy blog start a countdown to the opening of training camp? How about the first NFL preseason game perhaps?

Sassy said...

Ahhh...but would you watch a movie about horses, while sitting on a sandy beach, in the hot sun, surrounded by screaming toddlers and drooling old people, and the bartender just announced there's no more Bacardi Limon? That's the true test.