Thursday, March 17, 2005

Giants Sign Plaxico Burress

MSNBC - Giants sign Burress to six-year deal

Ah crap. Oh well, didn't want him anyway.


uscu2 said...

Ever wonder what it feels like to have your heart ripped out and then stomped on? No, I refer not to the cruel game of love. Rather a sick and twisted tale of boy and his favorite athlete. May you understand what this player could have done to you if signed by the Iggles ... who are so average by the way ... Better luck next year.

Sassy said...

Dear USCU2

One of the world's foremost authorities on football (you may know her) mentioned in a comment earlier that Plaxico was not a "team" player. That being said, my desire to see him in dark, metallic green was instantly quelled. I mean, if Jazzy doesn't want him in the Burg, we sure as shit don't want him in the Link.

As for your description of the Eagles as being average: Perhaps they are. Then again, maybe y'inz has sour grapes?

JazzyJ said...

Breaking news: Jazzy announces she has no dog in this fight and renounces any and all comments made re: Plax to either Sassy or USCU2. I cannot have either my brother or one of my best friends mad at me over Plax. That just wouldn't be right.

Go NFL! We miss you! And will miss you even more after mid-April.

Sassy said...

Dear Jazzy:

Chicken shit.

Signed - A dog named Billy

uscu2 said...

Plaxico was a fine player and did care drastically for the team. If you read my article you know the people of da' burgh gave him a bum rap. He also was a money player and he wants the big bucks. So have fun winning where the grass is greener Plax ... ironically enough he didn't think that was Philly. Most likely because he didn't want a half-ass overrated QB throwing "catchable" balls at his feet. I don't have sour grapes. I'm just glad I don't hail from a city that boos Santa and injured people.

A dog named Billy (glad to add to some J-Jive)