Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sassy's Traveling.....

Yep. It's that time....Sassy and the Captain are leaving, on a jet plane; don't know when we'll be back again.... (Um....well....actually we'll be back on Tuesday). In any event, we're heading to Barbados for some fun in the sun and five gloorrriousss days of relaxation, which Sassy sorely needs!

St. James, Barbados....Sassy's Sanctuary

Seriously, I've added it up and in the last 4 days, I have had a grand total of 7.3 hours sleep. Hearings, and meetings, and briefings, oh my!

So, in line with the title of this Blog, Sassy's traveling. The Cap'n will do some windsurfing, and I will do some sandsurfing. I am an Expert Master Level 1 sandsurfer. Oh - you laugh, do you? You think sandsurfing is easy? Well, you're wrong. It takes a lifetime to learn and even then it's very easy to make a wrong move. You could roll over onto your belly without realizing your bikini bottom is wedged up your hiney; or you could move your arm too quickly and accidentally knock over your rum punch. So, scoff not, you scofflaws! You wish you had my skills.

The only other Expert Master Level 1 sandsurfer in the world is Miss Lala. She knows important things like how many minutes you can safely allow to elapse between banana daiquiris. Anyway, if any of you are interested in taking our Beginners Sandsurfing course, feel free to email Sassy.

So - off we go into the wild, blue yonder. Fear not, fearless reader! Sassy will be back and full of vigor, mom's cooking, and, of course, rum. I will also probably have some sand stuck up my crack...but - that's not your problem.

Ciao for now,

Sandy Sassy

P.S. A special prize to the reader who first correctly identifies the name and singer of both songs referenced to in this post.


uscu2 said...

Hmmm interesting question. I'm not sure if I'm totally stoked that I'm the first person to respond or slightly embarrassed. Maybe it speaks to the fact that I'm currently traveling the Northeastern section of lovely America. It's kind of the opposite of where you're going, sunny and glorious. Last night we got about ten inches of snow up here in roughly 5 hours. Miserable I say ... back to the question at hand.

Leaving on a Jet Plane -

Sung by numerous people including:
1.) Eve 6
2.) The cast of Armageddon
3.) Chantal Kreviazuk (who?)
4.) And who you're most likely looking for John Denver

Song 2 and I'm less positive about this one, it's probably some J jive meant to catch Jazzy's eye, you did reference:

The Air Force Hymn

1.) Robert Crawford author and wordsmith.

I don't know if he ever sang it. I may lose on a technicality. But if a guy plays enough NCAA Football for his PS2, he knows every song ever associated with any one of the 117 Division 1 Football schools. Cheers!

uscu2 said...

One last thought ... then I'm off for the weekend.

After 1 minute of internet blogging, I think Frank Zappa sang it once in a concert. He didn't author it, but I'm sure he's got some rock out righteous concert version of it.

Sassy said...

Nicely done, Kif!!!! You are so well-rounded! I am impressed.

JazzyJ said...

Who do you think trained that bitch?


Sassy said...

Ah all makes sense now.....