Tuesday, March 08, 2005

You Say "Tomato", I Say "This Is A Complete Waste Of Fricking Time & Money"

Sponsors Win Fight To Name Tomato New Jersey's State Vegetable

What in Veggie Tales is going on in the New Jersey legislature? You mean to tell me they don't have enough on their plates what with the Sopranos, a homosexual ex-governor, and Jazzy's sketchy high roller status at the Borgata?

Oh no. Instead, they spend taxpayers' dollars making sure they're in accordance with some ancient Supreme Court ruling allowing them to define a tomato as a vegetable.

Gov. McGreevey & friend: "But, technically, we're fruits!"

You know what? Having thought about this, I guess I can understand. Maybe New Jersey lawmakers are tired of dealing with fruits. Clearly, they'll spare no expense to convert one to the "appropriate" classification. Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with these people. (No offense, Bernie!)

Signed Sassy Squash


Bernie said...

No offense taken. They are the best tomatoes in the country but let's face it Jersey has got some bigger fruits...I mean fish to fry.

JazzyJ said...

Hey...I ain't sketchy! (But don't tell the mall security guards that.)