Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Backpack Crack

First-Grader Hands Out Crack Cocaine, Thought It Was Candy

Dude - there's one pissed off crack dealer out there somewhere....

See what happens when we lie to kids? Instead of telling him the truth, that the little white rocks were a highly addictive and very illegal drug, his parents told him that it was candy. And being a well-mannered, generous little dude, he decided to share it with his friends at school.

Is that what they mean by "curiously strong"?

Lies are dangerous.

It's just like the time I walked in on my parents having sex (I was about nine) and they told me they were just playing....I can't begin to tell you the trouble that lie got me into. I mean, I always followed the rules. And, being a lawyer-in-the-making, I was well aware of the rules applicable to me with regard to playing. For example, I knew I was allowed to play as long as my homework was done. And I wasn't allowed to play loudly in the house. I couldn't play late on school nights. I also knew I was expected to at least wash my hands when I got done playing. Mommy said I was to play nice and play with everyone; and just because the toy was mine didn't mean I shouldn't share.

So...I followed those rules.

The better approach would have been to tell me: "We are having sex, which can lead to pregnancy, which leads to stretch marks, saggy tits, and screaming toddlers; but only after you endure the most horrifying pain of delivering an eight pound human being through your hoo-hoo." Yep. That would have been the better approach.

And adults have this nasty habit of following up one lie with another. I mean, when the teachers realized what happened, they told the other students that what little dude gave them was "poison". Just tell them the truth, white people! They're gonna find out anyway. Like when they get home, and their parents are all staring at their clogged-up crack-pipes going, "Damn - I thought this shit smelled kinda minty! La'Kweesha, why'd you give little dude that shit back, girl?! Get over here! You are so grounded! No - you can not go outside and play!"

Oh well. You know - all I used to get at recess was crackers and milk....well, and some...ahem...play time.

Signed - Swinging Sassy

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Anonymous said...

Wintergreen Altoids -- now *that* is poison. No lie.

-- Boz