Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Naked News: Nudist Gets Nylon Booty Melt

A nudist burst into flames on Sunday while attempting to repair a generator attached to a mobile home in a clothing-optional camp here in Florida. Ouch.

Today's paper reports that:
Kuschel, 43, happened to be wearing clothes -- a pair of nylon shorts, anyway -- when the generator he was working on backfired, sprayed him with starter fluid and set him ablaze.

"I would have been better off wearing nothing on at all," Kuschel said, because the fire "melded" the shorts to his backside.
Did we already say, "Ouch?"

The good news? Kuschel will recover from the second and third degree burns he suffered. The bad news? Well, the fire pretty much destroyed the mobile home which, by the way, Kuschel had just bought the day before. So now, Kuschel and his wife will have to continue living at the nudist camp in their tent. [Wait a sec - he pitches a tent at a nudist camp?? Isn't that some kind of a party foul? Um ... never mind ...]

Anyway, that's your Naked News for today. For previous editions of Sassy's Naked News, click here.

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