Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AI5 Results: Sassy Is Stunned ....

Well, I guess I knew my 5 votes wouldn't be enough to keep El Tuck in the game this week but, America, COME ON! You can't be serious?! Ace "The Face" over Katharine McPhee?! Have y'all lost your friggin' minds!? I'm gonna let you slide this time but, listen up and listen up good: Y'all need to put down your crack pipes and actually pay attention next week! Some of these performers ( Kellie, Ace, Bucky) really suck! And I mean, they suck BIG TIME! Can we please start getting rid of them already?! Sheesh.

I can't believe they're calling next week "country" week. That must have come as a shock to Kellie, who clearly thinks every week is "country" week. By the way, if she sings "These Boots Are Made For Walking", I'm gonna hurl. Then I'm gonna hurl the TV out the window. [Ed. Note: Sassy can't actually lift up the TV so ... that last comment is probably just the scotch talking.]

Anyway, El Tuck: You know you're my girl and I'm gonna miss you. The good news is that, unlike the afore-mentioned Ms. Pickler, you're young, beautiful, and talented. We haven't seen the last of you, I bet.

Slightly Sad Sassy

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