Sunday, March 12, 2006

Big Buckin' Update!

So, according to a comment posted by Derek on the BusyBee blog, there will be three more spots of the Big Buckin' Chicken commercials! Derek states:
I'm glad that people are enjoying the "Buckin Chicken" spot. I'm the singer in the commercial, and I had a blast recording it! Although I haven't seen it yet, let's hope it runs for a while!! I'm sorry to those who I might have offended, but it's a living....Stay tuned, there are three more coming (with a surprise guest from another fast food chain).
Kick ass! Let's just hope the feathered follow-ups are as good as the fowl forerunner!

Singin' Sassy

[P.S. A big shout out to fellow sistah blogger, Steph, over at BusyBee! If only we could get Derek to send us a buckin' preview!]

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