Friday, March 03, 2006

Sassy's Sorry ....

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So Sassy went on an unannounced hiatus ... again. But y'all know how it goes: "Sassy travels and the Cap'n too!" We were down in the Keys for a few days (which got extended to a few more days cuz we were having such a friggin' blast on the boat.)

Anyway, Sassy's back now so y'all can relax. I'm catching up on my DVR (that's TiVo to those of you who don't have Comcast digital cable) and I am happy to say, I think America got it right vis-a-vis the Idol eliminations last night. I told y'all that crooning crap wasn't gonna get the Radford dude very far. I was sorry to see Sway walk away though. But, hey man, if yer gonna sing "Overjoyed" ya better bring it! Lesson learned.

As far as the girls go, I had cut the Cox chick last week and I knew Brenna wasn't necessarily going to last long - she ain't all that sassy, take it from Sassy.

Well, we look forward to next week and want to put the word out there: America, puh-leeze! Let Kevin Corvais go home! Seriously. He's missing his mom's cooking and there's a Dungeons and Dragons championship tournament coming up ... I'm pretty sure.

Sunburnt (and possibly Sea-Liced) Sassy

P.S. Sassy knows better than to speculate on whether Paula Abdul was drunk last night ... They say people who are stoned shouldn't throw glasses ... especially if there's good whisky in them. Wait ... I mean ... dammit, how does saying that go again?

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uscu2 said...

So I don't really have anything to add about your blog. But I do have a question!

How the crap did you get the Make Poverty History ribbon on the top right corner of your blog? I've gots to know!!!!