Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fantasy Football Follow-Up

Well - the whole freakin' NFL collective bargaining agreement debacle got me to thinking: I can't wait for Fantasy Football Season! That being said, I realized I forgot to tell you guys who won the Lauderdale Lunatix League SuperBowl! Are you ready? Be ready!

Lauderdale Lunatix League World Champion 2005

JoJo's Jocks!!

Ha! Take that all you guys out there (i.e. The Cap'n) who thought you could beat a girl in a fantasy league! (Seriously, guys - women are wayyyy better at fantasizing than men ... cuz, well, you know, we have more practice.)

Anyway, in the championship game, the Jocks manhandled BenJo's Best with a score of 105 - 65. Yep! My boys beat out the "media goldenchild", as the Best team was labeled in early season reports. But, lest you think it was a fluke, let me tell you why my boys kicked so much Best booty:

  1. JoJo's Jocks had the Steelers defense = 31 points (and I think we all know where the Steelers wound up in the real world); BenJo's Best had the Colts D = sucked major ass;
  2. JoJo's Jocks had Shaun Alexander = 24 points (oh and ... um ... did someone say "League MVP"?); BenJo's Best had DeShaun Foster = who?
  3. JoJo's Jocks had Kerry Collins (Hey - JoJo is a Penn State grad and that dude got me some serious points in the final game! Oh and ... let's not forget who won the Orange Bowl! Go Nittanys! Woo hoo!); BenJo's Best had .... wait for it ... PEYTON "Choke Artist" MANNING! I think he scored like 4 points in the final game. Hahaahahahaaaaa! (P.S. I wish he'd retire already. One Manning in the league is enough visual torture for this football fan.)
So, congratulations to my wonderful Jocks! Here's to the next season! And if any of you out there think you can take Sassy on next year, say the word and we'll get you signed up to the Lunatix League. After all, at this rate, fantasy football might be all we have ....

(Oh - and a big shout out to Jazzy who told me to draft the Steelers defense in the first round. That shit worked! Drinks are on me when we get to Delaware!)

Sassy SuperBowl Stud

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JazzyJ said...

Sigh...if only I had taken my own advice and drafted the Steelers D. Instead I, "picked with my head and not my heart" and went for the mighty Baltimore D. Which turned out to be D-isappointing.

Congrats Sassy, I had faith in you all along!

Sassy said...

Thanks, Jazzy. You're still my boy, Blue!