Tuesday, March 07, 2006

AI5 Alert: Sassy's Top Six Women

Another fun night with the ladies! And I hated Seacrest's jacket. Here are my picks (and, now, in order of preference):
  2. Katharine McPhee: Holy shit!! Woman, you ROCKED our world!
  3. Lisa Tucker: Gurrrrl ... you have got it going ON!!! Next week, please sing Alicia Keys!!!!! (P.S. Thanks to your Jimi Hendrix performance, you are now The Cap'n's all-time favorite idol ever in history!)
  4. Ayla Brown: Nicely done! Nicely done! You're the consummate coach-able contestant!
  5. Kellie Pickler: Well .. you did have to follow the New Divine Miss M! So, all in all, not bad.
  6. Paris Bennett: Great look, great song. See you next week! But, puh-leeze, BRING IT! This competition is getting tough!
Kinnik Sky, I warned you ... you actually do have to be able to sing in this contest. Melissa McGhee - I finally felt like I saw the real you! You got my "heart" with that performance! But ... well ... you know ..... I'd rather see you stay than Pickler but I don't know if that's gonna happen. I think people still feel sorry for her. Anyway, McGhee, good luck!

P.S. Yo, Simon! Let us know how much hate mail you get after calling "chitlins", chicklets.

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The Boz said...

I worship Mandisa. I wish I could just touch the hem of her jeans. I want to hold the limo door for her at the Grammys.

Katharine McPhee is just about the cutest little thing I ever saw.

Sassy said...

After Mandisa's performance, The Cap'n said (Strike that - he was actually growling between clenched teeth), and I reluctantly quote: "I've never wanted to make mad, passionate, noisy love to a big, beautiful, black woman this badly in my life. I want her! NOW!" I was only able to restrain myself from leaving the room in a huff because ... well ... I was kinda thinking the same thing. What can I say? She's H-O-T!