Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Toyota: Oh What A Cramped Feeling!

Woman Arrested For Driving Overcrowded Car

Those darned circus clowns.....

Seriously, though: Nine people in a Toyota Corolla (including two in the trunk which, by the way, was closed)! Maybe she was trying to set a record? [Someone should have told her it's a phone-booth you're supposed to stuff, not an economy-sized sedan designed by Asians....]

Or maybe she was filming a commercial for Toyota? You know, something along the lines of: "The New Corolla: Fuel Efficient and Roomy!" or "Toyota: The Leader In Com-Packed Cars!"

[It's incidents like this that make me want to run away from the circus....]


JazzyJ said...

Just had to give you props for the usage of J-Jive!

Sassy said...

I knew that would get a smile out of you! :o)