Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Countdown Has Begun!

It's true. Sassy Travels is pleased to provide our football fans with the countdown to the start of NFL Regular Season (see the lefthand side of the home page). [Ed. note: We were gonna provide the countdown to preseason but realized that at some point every year, during preseason, Eagles fans inevitably say, "Well - at least this doesn't count." So.....] Anyway, even though basketball playoffs are fun...we can't wait 'til the one and only true American sport returns!


By the way - in case you care about other real sports: Barbadian cricketers, Westside Cavaliers, suffered a mild setback in Fort Lauderdale last Sunday, losing to Oswald Park II, by just two wickets in the limited overs match. Floyd Ingram tendered a resounding 44 runs for the Jamaican team, while Clint Corbin headed up the Cavaliers offense with 25. Even though the Cavaliers seemed to start the day with confidence and strong batting, it seems they lacked the arm of their star, award-winning bowler, David Brathwaite, when the time came to dispatch their opponents. As a result of the disappointing performance, the Cavs have slipped to seventh in the division standings and will have to tap into that Bajan pride if they want to gain ground before season's end.


[Another Ed. note: Yes, readers, Sassy is a British/Bajan and therefore, obviously, likes cricket. Luckily, that wonderful sport of gentlemen is played right across the street from our house on summer Sundays with teams made up of Caribbean ex-pats like Sassy. It's truly a delight to see them in their cricket whites....]

The only sport where they stop for tea...So civilized!

So, good news: the NFL countdown is up and Florida cricket is in season! Good times! Good times!

P.S. Dear T.O.: You better get your shit together if you want to play with my Eagles! I know you will. After all, if Ricky Williams can come back to the Dolphins...and a kiss can turn a frog into a king....well, anything's possible. I'm a believer.

Sassy Smoocher


JazzyJ said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! Footballl! Oh how I have longed for you so! Only a short 137 days until I can see you again. But mini-camps start next month! There is hope the world.

Football, my one and only true love will come save me from baseball season.

And um, oh yeah, yay cricket.

Sassy said...

106 days (and counting)

Tee hee!