Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This Bud's For You...And This Pink Slip Too

Budweiser Employee Drinks Coors, Gets Fired

Yikes! That's harsh. Well, truth is, I don't blame them for firing this guy. I mean, if you're going to be disloyal to the Budweiser brand, at least trade up! Seriously, dude. At least say you got caught drinking a Sam Adams, or a Guinness, or a Banks beer! Jeez! Everyone knows that the only difference between Coors and Bud is the color of the label. Other than that, both so-called "beers" possess qualities oddly similar to carbon monoxide: They are odorless, tasteless, and put you to sleep.

Oh well. Maybe Coors will send the dude a case of Rocky Mountain High to console him. As for me, I'm sticking to my vodka (and my scotch...and my Mount Gay rum...). By the way, if any liquor distributors are reading this, feel free to direct complimentary cases of those fine spirits to my attention, care of Sassy Travels.

Ciao for now! (It's Happy Hour...)

Sassy Swiller


Anonymous said...

> Well, truth is, I don't blame them for firing this guy.

Is that right? I suppose the fact that he actually ordered a BUDWEISER doesn't matter. He was only drinking a Coors because his waitress screwed up the order.

Nevermind that firing him for buying a competitor's product is illegal in Colorado.

Sassy said...

Thanks for the additional facts and primer on Colorado law.

By the way, may I suggest that you go buy yourself a beer (or six). Lighten up, OK? Sheesh....

uscu2 said...

I have an anonymous that posts on my blog as well. Way to not show your name. For some reason anonymous people tend to raise lame points.

This guy says he ordered a Bud. Right. Of course he says that, he doesn't want to lose his job. He's not going to come right out and say, "Yeah I love Coors and drink it all the time." He has to say he ordered a Bud to save face.

"I didn't want to wait." Oh heaven forbid you wait another minute to get another beer. The bar must not have been too busy if people noticed him and that he was drinking a Coors. Therefore I'm sure he didn't have to wait very long if he asked the waitress to go back. If the bar was packed no one would give a crap what he was drinking.

The fact remains, and a very good observation Sassy, that this dude was drinking either Bud or Coors. Both of them suck. I agree the man should look into a job perhaps with any of the lovely following beers:

1.) Samuel Adams
2.) George Killians
3.) Erdingers
4.) Penn beers of any kind
5.) Chimas
6.) Stella Artois
7.) Guiness

Just to name a few. So this guy deserves to get fired for being an idiot. This definitely falls under conflict of interest as I see it. It's like wearing Joseph A. Banks clothes while trying to sell Brooks Brother ... or to put it on a similar level ... wearing Wal Mart while selling K Mart. Coors is the number one competitor for Budweiser. Unless he's drinking high end beer, fire his sorry ass.

Rant over.

Sassy said...

My loyal readers ROCK OUT!

Thanks for actually understanding where Sassy Travels comes from. For a minute there, I was scared the blog was attracting readers with zero sense of humor and/or negligible IQ.

"...wearing Wal Mart while selling K Mart...." Hahaha! Priceless!

Anonymous said...

How about some recipes for Mount Gay Rum drinks? Or do people drink that straight?

Cheers -- the Boz

JazzyJ said...

Remember Boz...Sassy's not "people"

She is her own special brand!

Anonymous said...

Word. (Boz again)