Friday, May 20, 2005

Finally....The Burning Question Is Answered...

...and the answer is: briefs.

Saddam? Or just damn sad...?

Well, folks - now that I've seen this image, I may never have sexual intercourse again. I have delivered the bad news to Ben.... He thinks I'm joking....

Seriously, though - I have to dash over to the hospital to get my eyeballs and frontal lobe surgically removed.


Soon-to-be Sightless Sassy

P.S. I think Saddam might be in dire need of a "personal shopping experience". Perhaps a visit from "Queer Eye for the Hate Guy"? Or maybe Martha Stewart could send over the pattern to that little prison poncho number she was rocking when she got sprung?

Yep. This would have definitely looked better on Hussein.

Anyway - gotta go. These eyes ain't gonna cut themselves out.....

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