Monday, May 08, 2006

Philly/Willy Trip: Day Three


So now we're just that much closer to my old law firm's "Alumni Reception" on Monday. Day One and Day Two of our Philly/Willy trip are behind us and we face the weekend with fresh faces and a date for brunch at Lala's house. This is an important brunch because we will be meeting Lala's Miniature Marsupials (a/k/a "Sugar Gliders") for the first time. Pictured on the left is Ming, who was just born last week!

When Lala coaxes them out of their nest, the teeny weeny gliders are so cute, it's all I can do not to pop one in my mouth and casually walk out of the house. However, my sense of self-preservation prevents me from doing this because I know Lala would surely tackle me in the driveway and I don't want to be sporting two black eyes when I see my former colleagues for the first time on Monday, not to mention I want to look my best for tonight's dinner at Moro - by far the best restaurant in the Philly/Willy region!

We have a cool, laid back time at Lala's and then return to the cleanest hotel for a quick afternoon ... er ... nap before dinner. Judging by the voicemail, Housekeeping is still ticked off at us for refusing to remove the "Do Not Disturb" sign that's been hanging on our door since Thursday. I peek outside our room, spy the maid's cart in the hallway, and tiptoe down to it to score some fresh towels and soap. My covert operation is a complete success, right up to the point where I tug at a couple of towels and EVERYTHING comes tumbling out of the cart. While frantically "ssshing" the falling linens, crashing cups, and rolls of toilet paper now bouncing down the hall, I manage to quickly stuff everything back without getting caught. Granted, the next time the maid sees her cart, she'll think a blind paraplegic attacked it, but, hey, that's not my problem. I haul ass back to our room and hide until it's time to leave for dinner.

Dinner is simply FAB! Jazzy joins us, along with Lala and her hubby, and our kickass Key West friends from downstate Delaware. Throughout the evening, we are treated to visits at our table by other friends and acquaintances who heard we were in town and eating at Moro. Even the ultra-busy Ms. M. RockStar is able to sit and chat with us for a while! And, as always, the food and service are DEEE-VINE! Thanks to the excellent Chef and crew at Moro! Y'all know we'll be back - and raucous as ever!

So - to summarize Day Three:
  • Number of Lala's Mini Marsupials seen: 4
  • Number of Lala's Mini Marsupials I wanted to steal: 4 [I'm almost (almost) ashamed to admit that part of me wants to watch a Sugar Glider torture Playdough .... ]
  • Number of Housekeeping carts ransacked: 1
  • Number of Halle Berry references: 1 [Some dude on our floor saw me getting ice. Did he seriously think the real Ms. Berry would stay at that hotel? Then again, it is the "cleanest hotel in Delaware" ....]
  • Number of times The Cap'n renewed his attempts to convince Jazzy to join us at the "Alumni Reception" on Monday: 0 [Hey. He may be an optimist but The Cap'n knows when a ship has sailed. I mean, if he didn't get her with the lure of free booze, why bother trying?]
  • Saddest comment heard, according to The Cap'n: "Sorry. It's not softshell crab season yet." [Yes - The Cap'n is a crab addict.]
  • Funniest thing seen: The look on Lala's face when I nonchalantly asked her 16 year old daughter whether she was on birth control. [Yikes! And here I thought stealing one of the sugar gliders would surely seal my fate as fishbait in the Delaware River! Not to worry, though - Lala forgave my faux pas ... I think.]
  • Highlight of the Day: Dinner at Moro with all my peeps!
After dinner, we partied like rock stars back at the hotel with Jazzy, the Key West Krew and, of course, Miss Lala. Needless to say, we don't remember much more about Day Three. Tomorrow we'll do some spontaneous shoe shopping, hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, AND visit Miss Gee and Theo! Busy times ahead, folks! Busy times! Stay tuned. After all, THE ALUMNI RECEPTION is almost here!


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