Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Post From Playdough, The Cat

You humans know how I feel about dogs. After all, I am certain you have perused some of my more popular posts, wherein I have delivered insightful commentary on topics such as: The Easter Bonnet Dog Parade and The Courthouse Cur.*

But even I have to admit....this is totally tragic:

Fido's Final Fetch...A Firecracker.

[stifled snort and giggle...regaining composure]

That story is, sad. [more sinister snickering]

Yep. So sad and yet so typical of that species. As I have told you people before, dogs simply aren't that bright. Let me rephrase that: They're retarded. They can screw up the simplest of games. Remember that other dog that fetched....and got his human handcuffed? Dumb asses, the lot of them! We, the proud members of the Cat Nation, continue to stand united against the insidious influx of imbeciles into American homes, i.e the terrible trend of delivering dogs into the household as a family pet. It is an epidemic that must be ended....We, the Cat Nation, say, "Rise up! Rise up! Fight the evil power!.........." Oops.

Was that out loud? Oh dear me.

Um...I'm sorry....I...well, like to extend my sincerest condolences to the family that witnessed this terrible event. By the way, for your next furry family friend, you might want to consider...a cat.

Playdough - The Original Firecracker

*If you haven't read my other wonderful words of wisdom, I encourage to you conduct a "Search This Blog" investigation - see the right sidebar. Just type in "Playdough".

[Ed. Note: As most of you know, we at Sassy Travels in no way condone Playdough's posts. In fact, as soon as we figure out how to block his blog access, we promise to prevent these odious outbursts. And we apologize if he has offended anyone. That seems to be his primary purpose.]

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JazzyJ said...

Playdough - you need therapy. And that is all I have to say about that.

Sassy said...

If it makes anyone feel better, we locked him out for the night. He can go fend for himself. What a meanie!