Monday, July 18, 2005

A New Version of "The Chocolate Factory"

You see, the problem is that the original Willy Wonka movie is like one of the Captain's all time fave flicks. So now, the Captain and I have this ongoing debate as to whether Johnny Depp can pull it off...whether this new version is going to do the original one justice...whether Gene Wilder is gay, etc.

That being said, we haven't gone to see the new movie yet (actually, the Cap'n refuses). But, being the HUGE Depp devotee that I am, I will await the arrival of Lala and go feast on all that eye candy later.

Anyway, as I can't convince the Cap'n to watch Depp's dynamic debut as Wonka in the latest Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I thought maybe he (and you) would prefer this even newer version of the film.

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Sneaky Sassy

[Ed. Note: Thanks to SHUDS for the link!]

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Anonymous said...

I'm with the Cap'n. Nobody should've messed with the original. As for eye candy, well, just look at the commercials -- he doesn't even look like Johnny Depp. He looks like Lily Tomlin doing Miss Hathaway.

But I still want to hear your report. -- The Boz

Sassy said...

Dude - you ALWAYS agree with the Cap'n!

But in honor of your loyalty, I wil report post-haste!


JazzyJ said...

I also refuse to go see it. WWATCF is such a huge part of my childhood that God himself could descend upon earth with a remake, and it would not live up to my expectations. So I gotta figure, why even try.

Sassy said...

Holy Almond Joy! Is God aware of this?