Thursday, July 07, 2005

R*I*P: This Is How My Funeral Will Be....

Dude. Let me tell you - I have plans for my departure from this life. When I die, I don't want the day of my future funeral to be some morose, melancholy march down memory lane where my friends weep, my enemies yawn, and random strangers take notes of who is present. No, no. Not I. My funeral plans involve some bare-foot bods on the beach, some riled-up rock on the radio, and, of course, an open bar. Yep, when I die, I want you to "stop what you're doing and play".*

So when I read this story, I had to smile:

Steelers Fan Reclines In Peace

This story is so sweet (and funny) that Sassy refuses to besmirch it with her usual sarcasm and cynicism. To summarize: Dude was a HUGE Steelers fan all his life. And when he passed away, his family laid him to rest the way he was happiest: In a recliner, facing a TV with Steeler highlights on a loop, and his fave black & gold blankie on his lap. [Yes - there are photos....]

Ya know? That's awesome. It's simply awesome. You go, you Steeler fans! You go! I'm having a shot of Jameson in your honor. [Hey - any excuse, right?]

Anyway, I can't say more...I'm all verklempt.....

Serious Sassy

*Listen to: "Vehicles & Animals" by Athlete

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