Thursday, July 07, 2005

Vegas, Baby! Vegas!

Warning: Bold Language

Ok, so you're gonna have to do without me for a few days. You can do it. I bet....[That's a gambling reference, get it?] Yes, it's true. Sassy travels. And the Captain too. We're headed to Las Vegas today. We'll try to send mo-po's during the trip.

Truth is, I've had to double my efforts to make sure my various assignments were completed before I left. After all, I didn't want to be down there in Vegas worrying about work and stuff.

So what if my client is hungry for money and wants to sue someone? They'll just have to wait 'til I get back. I mean, it's not like I can perform voodoo. Like my daddy always said, you should duck disaster and avoid cigars. [I never really knew what he meant by that.....]

Anyway, this one's to the ladies, you know who you are. See you when we get there! And, if I'm running late, make sure you order me a Glenlivet, or a Glenfiddich, anything Glen!

I can't wait to get to Vegas....this place is dead.

Scotchy Sassy

[Ed. Note: If any of our readers actually understand the point of this post (especially the bolded content), please let us know. It's possible that Sassy was under a little too much "pressure" when the article was submitted.]

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JazzyJ said...

I understood every word of it, baby.

Cannot wait to hear all about the trip! Hope you had a good time!

Sassy said...

I knew you would!!!!!!!!