Monday, April 11, 2005

Master Of The Masters

Tiger Defeats DiMarco To Win Fourth Green Jacket

Finally, I'm proven right (again). I have often tried to convince people that a vacation in Barbados can cure anything, even a shaky golf swing. Well, for all you doubters out there - notice how my boy Tiger won The Masters yesterday. Notice how he is once again the Number 1-ranked golfer in the world. In case you miss my point, here's a hint: Where did Tiger and the lovely Mrs. Tiger recently celebrate their nuptials? Are my waves hitting your beach? [That's some J-Jive for you].

Well, I watched the whole final round of the Masters yesterday with bated breath (except for when I was screaming at the top of my lungs...which, by the way, I am convinced caused Tiger's chipshot on 16 to finally drop into the hole after its gravity-defying pause at the edge of the cup). I am a huge Tiger fan (unlike that meanie, Josh Grubbs, over at so here's a big shout out to my boy:

Congrats Tiger! You look pretty good in green to me.


Always in the sand, Sassy

P.S. Josh - don't hate the player.....


Anonymous said...

Let the big dog eat!

(Maybe Dimarco could've won if he didn't spend so much time dropping loogies all over the course.)

Did you notice Mickelson really seemed to be rooting for Tiger?

--The Boz

Sassy said...

Yeah - I never did like DiMarco and his retarded "claw" putting grip. Add that to his disgusting habit of hawking loogies...ugh! That's so gross.

I think Lefty and El Tigre are friends off the course.

JazzyJ said...

Initially, I was not rooting for Tiger. He has had a tendency to whine alot during his drought, which I have found offsetting.

However, I will say that he won me over with this play on Sunday. It seemed that he started to fall apart after that chip-in on 16. (Side note: Nike now feels that every endorsement dollar they spent on Tiger was worth it. Jazzy wonders how long it will take Nike to use the footage from the shot on 16 for a new commerical, "Swoosh! In the cup!") However, Tiger got it together on the first (and only) sudden death hole, and played it maginificently. While DiMarco managed to make the EXACT SAME FRIGGIN MISTAKE he had made 15 minutes earlier by dropping the ball short at the front of the green.

In short, Tiger helped me overcome my doubts and concern over his attitude. Plus, he is way cooler than that idiot Vijay Singh. Congrats El Tigre!


P.S. In defense of Grubbs, he (like my brother) tends to feel very passionately about things. I think it is refreshing to see someone take an unpopular stand. While the whole world would gladly get down on their knees for Tiger, Grubbs calls it like he sees it. Plus, Grubbs recently found the ever-elusive Grease 2 soundtrack. Therefore, he is my least until he tries to cheat at Scrabble again.

Sassy said...

It's true - no one can beat Tiger at the mental game. I knew DiMarco was done for when it went to a play off. Tiger approaches sudden death as sudden life. DiMarco choked.

Oh - and it all makes sense to me now - the whole Grubbs perspective. Now that I know he likes the Grease 2 movie soundtrack...well, it all makes sense. Let me guess - he likes show tunes too? And Barbra Streisand, right? Cher, perhaps?

:o) Nothing but love, Brother Grubbs.