Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Saturday Morning Happy Hour Reflection

To My Sistahs

You know you're doing something right when you look down at your cell phone on a dreary Saturday morning and see the little voicemail indicator and when you check your messages, you hear the following:

Cingular Wireless voicemail lady: You have three new messages.

I have to admit I groaned internally at first. I assumed that the messages were all work-related (I am in the middle of writing three briefs that are all due on Tuesday.....but I digress). Anyway, I was wrong. The messages had nothing to do with work at all. I shall 'play' them back for you, in order:

Cingular Wireless voicemail lady: First message. Nine thirty five p.m. yesterday:

"Danny Parker! I am out celebrating! I wanted to let you know....hey, it's Jimmy the Finn by the way....any way, I wanted to let you know that I am out celebrating and I am on my second Barcardi Limon and Sprite and I am smoking a hooka...something I have never done before....and I am listening to Jack Johnson...and I thought that would make you happy! Bye!"

Then the Cingular Wireless lady gives me the options: Press two to skip this message. Press three to delete this message. Press nine to save this message.

I pressed three. Don't worry - I wasn't being callous. It's just that I had a feeling I knew who the next message would be from. I mean, if she's on her second BLS at nine thirty five, trust me....she'll be calling back.

Cingular Wireless voicemail lady: Second message. Eleven thirty nine p.m. yesterday:

"Jooooooooooo!!!!!! Duuuude! I am calling to tell you I miss you! I really do. [Was I mistaken, or did I hear a little sob?] Look. I miss you and I love you guys. You're the best friend ever!!!!!!"

Cingular Wireless lady didn't even have to tell me the options this time. I quickly hit nine. I had to save that one. Aside from the fact that it's a kickass message, I figure if Jimmy ever runs for office, I can blackmail her with it. Alright, alright - I would never blackmail Jimmy. (Yeah right).

Cingular Wireless voicemail lady: Third message. Twelve forty-five a.m. today:

"Dude. It's Jimmy the Finn here. Dude. I just called to tell you that I am in the car and I have a sippy cup except it's not really a sippy cup it's a modified sippy bottle but it's like a sippy cup....I mean, it's the sippy cup concept....anyway, and I thought you would like that."

Ahhh - sippy cups. Good times. Good times. When Ben met me, I was holding a sippy cup. He would later say, "I never found out what the hell it was you had in that sippy cup." Well, it wasn't Evian, I can say that. And I am guessing Jazzy's modified sippy bottle was full of some other clear liquid too.

Anyway, I know I must be doing something right for Jimmy to call me throughout her celebrations last night, leaving those awesome messages. It's almost like I was there with her.

When we did actually connect over the phone, I was at home watching Garden State with the Captain and a friend. The weird thing is, Jimmy gave me that movie.....and then she called right in the middle of it. Coincidence? I think not. I put the phone on my shoulder while she chatted and I played a little Coldplay on the piano for her. I heard her say to someone on her side,

"Dude! She really is playing The Scientist!" She seemed genuinely surprised, or impressed, or just joyous. That Jimmy is awesome.

Then I checked my email and there was a message from Lala:

"So miss you guys!....Did I mention I was looking forward to seeing you guys.....?"

Lala will be here in 12 days! Woo hoo! And then Bernie will be here. Then Vegas in May with Lala! New Orleans in October with Barb! And I am sure Jazzy will be down soon because if not the casino will have to close down.

Seriously though, do I have a fricking awesome life, or what?

Anyway, all of this rambling is just because my heart is so full of love and wonder. I am so blessed. When I consider the women I call my friends....I don't know what I did in a past life to deserve them....but I thank god everyday.

My Sistahs: They come in all shapes and sizes: blonde, brunette, red head; tall and leggy, pregnant, big and beautiful. They are white, black, Latina, mixed like me. They are smart, sexy, funny as shit, and compassionate souls. They make me laugh. They make me cry. We are never ashamed to tell each other we love each other. We hug, we dance, we drink, we smoke (although I think Jazzy is the only hooka-smoker among us). We have silly nicknames for each other like: Bernie, Jimmy, Danny, Kevin, Perry, Grinchy, Segue (pronounced "say-gway"), and Double G. They've brought me Big Macs and beer when I was depressed. And I've put them in the BenJo Bubble when asked. They love me, just the way I am. And I love them, just the way they are.

My Sistahs: If you're reading today - this is to you. I love you, men! (My sistahs will understand that).

My Sistahs: Barb, Lala, Jazzy, Viv (Dude - don't have that baby yet!), Bernie, Jami, Gretchen (Dude - did you have that baby yet?) and, of course, my number 1 sistah - my Mom. Thanks for being you!


Your Sassy Sistah

P.S. I just realized I should clarify: Jazzy and Jimmy the Finn are one and the same. And no, she isn't schizophrenic...well, maybe a little....but that's a whole other post.


JazzyJ said...

Sassy - I am tearing up over here girlfriend! You rock out. I could not ask for a better friend. I love you clotwhore!


Sassy said...

Back at ya, crackhead!

Anonymous said...

"That Jimmy is awesome." Ditto. Love that Jimmy Jazzy. -- The Boz