Friday, April 01, 2005


Jazzy passed the Pennsylvania Bar exam! I think she just barely beat out "blue ink pen" guy..... but hey, let the drinking begin! Jazzy - during your job interviews, don't forget Sassy's Anti-Interview Tips for Lawyers.

Cheers J!


JazzyJ said...

Thanks Sassy! Since I cannot hold my liquor nearly as well as you, I think I will have to wait to drink until after the interview...then again...maybe not.

Cheers J!

Sassy said...

Speaking as someone who is currently drinking an ice-cold screwdriver, I say, "Whatever floats your boat." (That's BenJo Jive, see. You know - he's the Captain...he runs boats? Floating is good for boats....nevermind). Congrashoolashuns again.