Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blame It On Rio: Brazilian Booty Cards Banned

Do y'all remember when Sassy told you about the Three Signs of The Apocalypse? Yeah? Well, add a friggin' fourth.

According to the Associated Press, Rio de Janeiro has banned the sale of those postcards of hot chicks in thongs because they don't like the message being sent to foreigners. [Yes, you read that right.]

Apparently, Rio politicos want the tourist trap ... er ... I mean ... tourist hot-spot ... to be known for more than sex and sodomy. (They build planes too.)

Well, I can see their point. I mean, after all, if it weren't for those misleading missives with bare-bottomed beauties in bikinis, I would've have considered Rio a retreat for the religious right. Think about it - Rio's fave festival started out as a religious holiday and their best-selling postcard is a pic of Christ The Redeemer.

'Course, he also wore thongs...

Oh well. Fans of female exploitation need not be alarmed. I'm told the highly-popular and hotly-contested "Miss Sao Paulo Penitentiary" beauty pageant [and no, I can't make that shit up] will continue as planned. Bring on those hot hoosegow hunnies!

Samba Sassy

[Important Note From Editors: Dear Readers - Please be advised that there were many discussions (and by "discussions", we mean "heated arguments") here at Sassy Travels between the Administration and our head writer about whether it was appropriate to include a picture of Christ The Redeemer in a post with sexual overtones and a shot of scantily clad women. As you can see, Sassy ultimately prevailed and the Administration was forced to accept her submission. Per usual, Sassy's arguments about free expression, full disclosure, and the well-known doctrine of "Separation of Church and Sassy" were both compelling and long-winded. Sassy claimed the inclusion of the butt-shot was integral to her readers' understanding of the topic and tone of her dissertation. Nonetheless, we would be remiss if we did not remind our readers that the opinions set forth herein are not necessarily those of the Administration and are not intended to offend (unless you were offended, in which case, she meant it). Please accept our apologies. We just can't seem to control her.]

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