Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Donovan's Done

So, it's official. No more D-Nice at the helm. Apparently, McNabb's sports hernia will require surgery sooner rather than later. Of course, we all know that it's really John Madden's fault. Friggin' sausage fingers.

All I can say is that this season started out badly and just got progressively worse. Seriously. As if it isn't bad enough that our marquis wide-receiver got himself fired, our injured reserve list would make a decent starting line-up!! [Well ... if they weren't ... you know ... all injured 'n' shit].

Whatever. It's all good. I'm a true Eagles fan and, therefore, I'm used to this crap. After all, as Miss Lala and I always say, we've survived Buddy Ryan (never won a playoff game as Eagles coach), Rich Kotite (won one playoff game but went 7-9 in his final season), and Ray Rhodes (it took a 3-13 record to finally get his ass fired). So, bring on the adversity! We can take it!

THIS JUST IN: According to Newsday, the arbitrator will reduce T.O.'s suspension and the Eagles will probably release the receiver into the waiver pool, where he will be available to the teams with the worst records .... [Um ... Does that mean the Eagles will be able to reclaim him off waivers? I'm confused ....]

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JazzyJ said...

All I am saying is...if Madden even *thinks" about putting B-Ro on the cover of Madden '07, I will hunt Madden down and break his ugly, mangled, totally disgusting and foul sausage fingers one by one. He will be crying like the little bitch that he is once I am done with him. "You see Al, you can't play football when both your hands are in casts."

My condolences Sassy...but as you mentioned, you have been through worse.

Sassy said...

Ahahhahahahahahahahaa! That shit is funny, Jazzy!

Hey - thanks for the sympathy. And yes - I think you should consider applying for a job as Big Ben's bodyguard so you can be certain he doesn't go to a photo shoot without your approval. Obviously, the Playgirl photo shoot would be ok....