Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Update From The Wilma-Zone

Hey folks! We're still alive and kicking in the Wilma-Zone (formerly known as Fort Lauderdale). We have tried to upload some photos but they may look fuzzy depending on cell phone service.

"U Loot, We Shoot" is one of our fave photos. Second only to the one I took of my client's office building (see below). Doesn't it look like a small plane flew into it? Needless to say, the sprinkler system went off throughout the rest of the building so no office was spared. Guess I won't be able to work for a while.....Darn.

Well, we have a generator and water service has been restored. All in all, we are better off than pretty much everyone else and we were certainly better prepared. For example, while Sassy has run out of vodka, she rallied by switching to Malibu rum earlier today. Thereafter, she has announced that she will move on to scotch, followed by Mount Gay rum, then gin, and finally, as a last resort, tequila. We figure this will keep her going at least 'til early next week. So there will be no rioting ... yet.

In other, interesting news, Playdough has taken to sleeping in our bed. Apparently, Wilma provided him with a license to chill on 600 thread count sheets. We are not sure what prompted this sudden sense of camaraderie, but we will let it slide for now.

Ok - cell phone battery running low and I think Jeb Bush is flying over so I better get out and flash him! Enjoy the photos! Will post more later!

A Common Scene in the Wilma-Zone

Sassy Survivor

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