Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Sassy Travels Administrative Announcement

This Blog = My Real Full Time Job

Dude - could someone please start sending me a paycheck (plus health insurance benefits, a 401k plan, and optional year-end bonus) for doing this bloody Blog?!? Y'all have no idea how much time blogging consumes! My mom thinks I should start a whole new career writing HTML code and tweaking templates to suit different internet browsers ... and I am beginning to agree!

So - I changed the template coding because my parents (and 30% of the rest of you) use Firefox and the Blog wouldn't load properly for them. Then one of the 64% of my readership that still uses Internet Explorer told me she could no longer read the posts. So - I made some more changes. And now, having spent [a conservative estimate of] 19 hours researching CSS template code issues; reading HTML; and repeatedly republishing this template, I think I may have resolved everyone's complaints. [Well ... almost everyone's. ... My dental hygienist still thinks I should floss more and my bank wishes I would stop bouncing checks. Otherwise, I'm good.]

The point is - can't we all just get along? Would everyone please just switch to Firefox already? [There's a convenient button at the bottom of the right side-bar, if you're interested.] Seriously - you will undoubtedly prefer Firefox as a web-browser because it's a) faster; b) more secure; c) fully customizable [Yes, Ben, that is a word...]; and d) full of neat features unavailable on that old dinosaur, Internet Explorer. Also - and more importantly - it would make my life easier [and by "easier" I mean, instead of sitting in front of the computer all day in a coherent state of mind, I would be able to go back to drinking at a reasonable hour in the morning].

In any event, if you are still having problems with the way this page loads in your browser, I would be more than happy to fix it ... right after your check clears and the funds become available in my bank account.

Sassy Webmaster

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