Friday, September 09, 2005

Greetings From Aboard The Prime Meridian!

This is a photo of our home for the next few days, the "Prime Meridian". We are anchored off Port Townsend, Washington. Beautiful spot (...albeit a tad cold for us South Florida folks!) Anyhoo, we are bundled up in our fleece and wool scarves and having a boatload of fun!

Aside from the close call with a Navy destroyer as we made our way blindly through pea soup fog crossing the Sound yesterday:

The Cap'n: I heard a fog horn.

Sassy (sticking her head out the flybridge window): I'll keep an eye out.

The Cap'n: Yeah. Gotta be vigilant.

[Insert very loud foghorn blast from very nearby here.]

Sassy (eyes big as dinner plates, pointing to starboard with trembling hand): Um. There it is.

The Cap'n: Where?

Sassy: There.

Now the Cap'n sees the huge, ghostly outline of a Navy destroyer about 50 yards away. Does he panic? No. He simply delivers the following line in the most deadpan way:

The Cap'n: Well. At least now we know what our visibility is - not much.

[Insert hysterical giggling by Sassy here.]

Aside from that close call, and aside from the other close call with a channel marker as we entered Port Wilson...still blind....and still in pea soup fog; and aside from our dinghy breaking down and the Cap'n having to row us back to Primey in bone-chilling winds and ripping currents last night.....well, aside from all that, the trip has been very uneventful.

The Wooden Boat Festival is in progress and there are some awesome vessels up here. The Cap'n is in Cap'n Heaven. Our yacht is gorgeous and the anchorage is slowly filling up with sailing vessels here for the Festival. Right now we are watching a crew dressed in period costumes as they board a square rigger docked near us.

Port Townsend is a lovely, quaint town. Historic architecture and rolling hills, surrounded by breathtaking views of the Olympic mountain range. If you're a boater, we definitely recommend it - but you might want to come during the summer....Did I mention the fog?

Anyway, finishing up my rum 'n' coffee [Hey - all sailors drink rum, right? Besides - it's friggin' cold!] and signing off for now. Cell phone battery running low (I am using it to get online via Bluetooth connection!) Will try to post more pics later.

Ahoy maties!

Sassy First Mate

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