Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Update: Way To Go Trinis!!!!!!

The smallest country to ever qualify for the World Cup just scored a MAJOR victory ... and they didn't win the game! Sassy salutes her island neighbors, Trinidad & Tobago, on holding the Swedes (one of the favorites to win it all) to a draw in their opening game. Great saves by Hislop, who was voted Man of the Match, were critical to this quasi-victory. (By the way, Hislop didn't know he was going to be the starting goalie until warm-ups!) And T&T had a couple of close shots on the Swede net, proving they're not just all about defense. Sadly, the islanders will be a man down for the next game, thanks to the LOUSY call in which Avery John got red-carded. Whatever, ref. We get it: we're black, you're not. Anyway, Trinidad can call this a win, especially after playing the second half with only 10 men. As Jazzy said: "Go back to Ikea, you Swedes!" Trinis rule!

Sassy Soccer Skank

P.S. By the way, Trinis, we'll wait 'til the World Cup is over to argue about who owns the flying fish. (SPOILER ALERT: Bajans do.)

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JazzyJ said...

looking forward to "watching" the nextg T&T game together!!