Saturday, June 10, 2006

Let's Go Becks!

That's right! Sassy said it! Dude - it's World Cup season! I'm flying my Union Jack outside our house; I'm wearing my Union Jack tank top; and I'm drinking a pint of ... well ... truth be told ... I'm drinking a pint of Corona Light. But before you laugh, remember that the last time Paraguay faced England in the World Cup, Paraguay lost. And where was that match held? That's right - ese juego fue jugado en Mexico. Ergo, thus, and therefore, it's good luck to drink Mexican beer on the morning of England's first match! (Right?)

The other love of my life, David Beckham (yes - he looks a lot like The Cap'n), has already scored a brilliant goal and I'm reliving my days as a football [Brit to Yank translation: soccer] groupie. Yep - Sassy dated the football captain in school. Ah, the good old days of riding the bus to rival schools for late afternoon matches: the screaming and the scoring ... oh yeah - and the games were good too.

Well - I gotta get back to the game! Bend it for me, Becks!

Sassy Soccer Skank

P.S. God save the Queen!

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