Friday, June 30, 2006

Sassy Filed Her 50 Page Brief On Time!

Give that woman a Klondike bar!

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D-Day said...

Awesome! Amazing! You'll have to spill the secret of how actually do that one of these days.

Sassy said...

Well ... first you start by getting a one month extension ... right off the bat .... Then you ignore the brief for several weeks ... Then you work on it for 42 straight (yes, straight) hours ... Then you sleep for 4 hours and dream about the next secion ... Then you get up and work on it for another 18 straight hours ... Then you sleep for 2 hours and dream about the "summary of the argument" section ... Then wake up, realize you don't really care anymore, and file it.

It's easy.

Good to hear from you, D-Day!