Monday, April 10, 2006

Homework Answers

Thanks to ALL of you for playing the Homework Game re: The Beta Band and John Cusack! Wow - who knew y'all were paying attention to this drivel! Your responsive comments and/or e-mails were hysterical and we're proud to have you as readers. In any event, NONE of you got both the right answers!!!! [Ed. Note: Big ups to loyal reader, Anklebone, for being the first to give us half the answer]. So without further ado - the assignment:

How many copies of the Three EP's by the Beta Band did John Cusack say he was gonna sell? Sub-question: Which song did he play to encourage sales? [Customer: It's good. John: I know.]
In addition to the afore-mentioned, Anklebone, many of you subsequently and correctly answered that Rob (Cusack's character) announced he would sell four (4) copies of the album. However, NO ONE knew the name of the song, which is "Dry The Rain"! Sheesh! (Oh - if you skip to around the 4:07 mark of the song, you will quickly recognize the part featured in the classic, funny, awesome, and totally Sassy Suggests caliber movie).
Anyway, thanks again for playing and, well, it just goes to show, yet again, that we clearly have way too much time on our hands. But, hey, that's our burden - not yours.

Sassy Songlover

Special P.S. to Jazzy - we answered the questions you posed in your comment ......

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