Friday, February 24, 2006

BREAKING NEWS! Yamin's Cover Yanked!

The Boz (a loyal Sassy Travels reader from up north) recently proffered the following insight regarding AI5 contestant, Elliot Yamin:
"When I was growing up watching Mister Rogers, it never occurred to me that someone could take Robert Troll as a fashion role model."
Robert Troll?? Never heard of him. So, of course, we did some research. And ya know what? The Boz might be onto something! Peep this:

According to sources close to the Mr. Rogers website, Robert Troll [pictured left]:

[S]peaks gibberish and has a whimsical sense of humor. His unique "trolltalk," like double-talk, is similar to children's play with nonsense syllables as they experiment with language and sounds.

Interesting enough info all by itself, to be sure, and the stunning physical similarities cannot be ignored. But, when you consider that, according to the American Idol website, Elliot Yamin's additional talents include doing "funny voices and impressions".....

Hey! ... Could it be true?! ... Is Elliott really a Troll?

Hmmmm........I mean, wow..... This could be a big scoop!

Thanks, Boz!

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