Tuesday, February 21, 2006

American Idol Alert: Sassy's Top 10 Women

So, we've finally seen the first episode of this season's American Idol where the public's vote counts. Based on tonight's performances, here's Sassy's list of Top 10 Women (in this order) So, please vote accordingly, my loyal minions:
  1. Katharine McPhee (Dang that white girl can sang!)
  2. Paris Bennett (Gladys Knight!?! Girl, you craaaazy! Craaaazy good, that is!)
  3. Lisa Tucker (Puh-leeze! Why don't they just give her the damn trophy already?!)
  4. Mandisa (That sistah is on a mission ... a mission from Gawd!)
  5. Ayla Brown (Man - I can't get over her height, her beauty, her voice, not to mention her game! What a package! Thank god I'm not her agent! Which talent do you promote?)
  6. Melissa McGhee (You go, you sultry vamp! You go!)
  7. Kinnik Sky (Great dress. Sing better next time though. I can't protect you forever.)
  8. Becky O'Donohue (Yes, Sassy fell victim to those damned Irish eyes....)
  9. Kellie Pickler (Um... I dunno ... I feel sorry for her in a way. And I think she's cute.)
  10. Brenna Gethers (Let's face it. We need Brenna. She's a beauty with an attitude. And I think, maybe, she can sing.)
So there you have it! Let's see what the boys bring tomorrow night!

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