Wednesday, February 22, 2006

AI5 Alert: Sassy's Top 10 Men

And, for your reading pleasure, here's Sassy's list of Top 10 Men based on tonight's performances (and in this order):
  1. Sway Penala (Dude, I got goosebumps on my thighs! Simon clearly never heard the original version of "Reasons". Sway frickin' NAILED it! You go, my Latino lover! You go!)
  2. Chris Daughtry (I never thought I'd like bald guys with wallet chains ... 'til now ....)
  3. Ace Young (Originally had him at 4, but moved him up a notch after he gave that last look into the camera. He can totally be my "father figure"!)
  4. Gedeon McKinney (What a fun performance from this young man!)
  5. Elliott Yamin (Who knew this white boy could pull off Stevie Wonder?!?)
  6. Patrick Hall (I don't care what the judges said. He did Melissa Etheridge proud!)
  7. Taylor Hicks (Taylor, we wanna see you with spiked hair! Bring it, you Joe-Cocker-Bob-Dylan dude!)
  8. David Radford (Yeah, yeah ... he's a cutie. But if he doesn't stop that crooning crap soon, I'm dropping him like a hot potato!)
  9. William Makar (Another one too cute to cut!)
  10. Bucky Covington (I had an empty slot ....)
Yep. I'm cutting Bobby Bennett. There's only room for one "Bennett" in this competition and her name is Paris. And I have to cut Kevin Covais. For his own good. It's clearly way past his bed time.

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AnkleBone said...

While I'm not an AI fan, I do have to go with the regional dude, Sway from South City, CA! Happy to hear he did well.

Sassy said...

He surprised the hell out of Sassy and The Cap'n, I'll tell ya! We had him cut during the first round of auditions!

Wonderin in Wilmington said...

Dear Sassy,

Should I be worried that my wife videotaped this episode, while she was watching it, for future reference?

Sassy said...

Dear wonderin:

Um ... if I say I did the same thing ... will that lessen your confidence in my ability to answer that one?