Monday, January 23, 2006

Flintstone Flap: Brits Rock Russia

The Russian intelligence community is vehemently condemning British agents for allegedly hiding spy gadgetry inside a fake rock on a street in Moscow. The Brit boulder, pictured here, apparently featured a phony flap, underneath which the hidden high-tech device collected confidential Commie data from covert operatives.

When asked by our Sassy Senior Spy Correspondent how the recorder was revealed, one Russkie official replied,

"Pure luck. We were actually looking for the spare key to our Intelligence Headquarters."

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AnkleBone said...

Hey Sass, you doing okay? Long time no blog - hope all is well with you and the Cap'n!

Sassy said...

Hey Boney! Thanks for checking in! Yes - we're still alive and well and kickin'. Sadly, my work is getting in the way of my blog.... Sucks, eh? But don't worry! We've got all kinds of stuff lined up to publish just as soon as I get back to bloggin'! (Which, coincidentally, will be tomorrow!) Stay tuned!

Sassy Slave