Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Tale Of Two Nickis: Kidman & Keith Knotted?

According to Star Magazine, [Yeah right ... like you don't read the tabloids...] Aussie country crooner, Keith Urban, and Cruise castoff, Nicole Kidman might be getting married this week in Vegas. [There go the Cap'n's chances with her....]

Well, at least Keith's consistent: He likes 'em tall, leggy, and blonde .... and, apparently, named Nick. [That's a pic of Urban's ex, super model, Niki Taylor, hereinafter referred to as "Nick 1".]

In a trade most men might consider questionable, the Urban cowboy broke up with the 29 year old "Nick 1" a few months ago and quickly popped the question to "Nick 2" this past Thanksgiving. The impending nuptials will be in the nick of time, given that "Nick 2" is pushing 40 and said to be dying to have her own (as opposed to, adopted) kids. And hey - at least he doesn't have to worry about calling her by the wrong nickname in bed .... So another blonde bites the bullet and corrals a country singer. Here's hoping this one's not a fraud ....

Well, Sassy has to go shopping .... In the words of the original Nick, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

Sassy Santa

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the boz said...

I like Nick 2. There's just something about a woman with a big forehead.

Sassy said...

Oh... so you like Sassy too? :)

Anyway, click on Nick 1's website and you will see that she also has a big forehead. But at least her skin isn't TRANSLUCENT!

(Query: Does Nick 2 have a reflection when she looks in the mirror?)

JazzyJ said...

Query: Doesn't Nick2 already have kids of her own? (From Tom Cruise) Maybe she just wants new kids of her own now that TomKat is preggers.

Sassy said...

Answer: I believe those kids were adopted. There's a distinct possibility that Nick2 didn't actually have physical sex with Cruise (without vomiting, anyway).