Monday, September 04, 2006

On the Good Ship "Lala Lounge" ...

So peep this, my peeps: Sassy Travels and The Cap'n too! (Sick of hearing that yet?) Anyway, it's true: we are aboard the afore-referenced, "Lala Lounge" (our camper) and heading north for a whole month of road-trippin' with Sam Da Dawg!!! (Playdough's with his granny). We'll try to keep you posted along the way (especially if all the campgrounds have free WiFi Internet access like this one!)


Left Fort Lauderdale around 9:30 a.m. Arrived in Georgia at 6:00 p.m. Three piss stops (yes, I said "piss" stops) along the way. Funniest memory? Here you go:

Sassy: Hey! Check it out! That billboard says, "Bibles On Sale, Exit 11"!

[laughter all round - even Sam snarfled]

The Cap'n: Hey! Maybe we should go get some new bibles. Mine's pretty worn thin from all the reading I've been doing. Who knows - maybe there's been some updates in the new ones!

[more giggles in the truck]

Sassy: Yeah. Like now there's 20 commandments instead of 10.

The Cap'n: Or maybe when Moses dropped that other tablet there was some kind of addendum to the original 10 that we never heard about.

Sassy: Ooooooh yeah! Like maybe page 2 actually said: "Please disregard all of the foregoing and seriously obey this One Most Important Commandment ...."

[there was much laughter and then the couple sobered up and got into a serious conversation about war and politics and religion ..... did we mention the conversation was serious? so serious, in fact that, Sam Da Dawg finally stuck his head between the two front seats and issued a very loud, and very moist, BURRRP ..... and the giggling started again]

Hey - I thought it was important to interrupt
their bullshit before it was too late, ok?
So sue me for burping!

[Sassy's cellphone pic of Sam right after the BURRP]

Anyway, loyal reader(s), we will try to keep you posted as we travel up the northeast corridor. And if you see the good ship "Lala Lounge" on her wandering way, honk if you're happy ... otherwise leave us alone.

Road Trippin' Sassy

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